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Solar Panels

CSU has 2 sets of Solar Panels located on Main Campus. One is located on top of Morrow Clubhouse and the other near the Soccer Field Complex.

These panels power pathway lighting at CSU near the Soccer Field and Cunningham Center.

From August 2013 to March 2015, CSU saved 38,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide from just one of our 2 solar panels!

Solar Panel usage decreases power costs, making this Georgia Power bill $2.87.


Charging Stations

We have solar powered charging stations placed in front of Howard Hall. These stations have solar panels built into them, using the sun's energy to provide power to the station's outlets. Thus, our students are able to charge their devices while hanging out  in between classes. We take pride in being able to provide clean and sustainable energy to our students! 


Solar powered picnic tables

Solar Panels

Solar Panels